Bhindi Dry Sabji | Bhindi Sukha

bhindi dry sabzi

If you like it share it    Bhindi Dry Sabji preparation With step by step photos and detailed explanation    Bhindi dry sabji is one of the dry curry which can be served for both phulka and rice varieties, when i go through my post i realized i have not updated any recipe with respect to ladies […]

Varan Bhaat Recipe (Maharashtrian style)

Varan Bhatt

If you like it share it    Varan Bhaat Recipe with step by step photos and detailed explanation :  Varan Bhaat  is an easy dal recipe, which is prepared during the occasion of  festivals like ganesh chathurthi in maharashtra. Varan bhaat is served as naivedyam to lord ganesha. If you are in vrat of no onion or […]

Vegetable Briyani | VEG Briyani Recipe

vegetable briyani

If you like it share it      Vegetable Briyani recipe with step by step photos and detailed explanation and notes:  Vegetable briyani or veg briyani  is one of the delicious indian Main recipe, and its loved by all . Its not a tricky recipe , but it does need lot of attention and care to make, […]

Idli Podi with Garlic | Idli Milagai podi

Idli podi with garlic

If you like it share it    Idli podi with Garlic/ Idli milagai podi with step by step photos and detailed explanation :    Idli podi with Garlic is a perfect side dish for south indian Breakfast recipe like Idli, dosai, uthapam. just pour a oil over the idli milagi podi, mix and have it. I have […]

Idichakka Thoran | Raw Jackfruit Recipe

idichakka thoran

If you like it share it    Idichakka Thoran recipe – vegan – gluten free stir fry with step by step photos and detailed explanation :    Idichakka thoran is prepared using the Tender jackfruit, its one of the seasonal product in south side. amma make many varieties using this tender jackfruit, thoran is kerala special recipe, […]

Raw Mango Rice | Easy Lunch box Recipe

Raw Mango Rice

If you like it share it    RAW MANGO RICE WITH STEP BY STEP PHOTOS AND DETAILED EXPLANATIONS Raw mango Rice is an easy one pot adult meal. yes you heard it ? i am sure this rice suits a lot for adults than kids. But still if your kids are fond of raw mango you can […]

Kerala Palappam recipe | Indian Breakfast Recipes

kerala palappam

If you like it share it    Kerala palappam Recipe with step by step photos and detailed explanation :  Kerala Palappam or  Lace hoppers or appam  is a kerala delecacy prepared using raw rice, shredded coconut, along with yeast. actual recipe calls for toddy(kallu) as a fermenting agent. Since we do not consume toddy i replaced it with […]

cantaloupe lemonade | Summer Juice

cantaloupe lemonade

If you like it share it    Refreshing Cantaloupe Lemonade juice Cantaloupe lemonade is a refreshing summer juice recipe, a tall glass of juice along with sabja seeds with lemon zest and lemon juice makes tummy full and you definitely feel the freshness of the fruits. Its good to have a lemonade recipe in hand , so […]

Maharashtrian Kanda Poha |Indian Breakfast recipes

Maharashtrian Kanda Poha

If you like it share it      Maharashtrian Kanda poha with step by step pictures and detailed explanation  Kanda Means ” onion ”  poha means ” flattended Rice” , its a maharashtrian recipe usually served for Breakfast or snacks, along with a cup of chai.  Maharashtrian kanda poha is a quick ,lite easy fix recipe. Generally […]

Red Coconut Chutney (kerala Style )

Red coconut chutney

If you like it share it    RED COCONUT CHUTNEY (KERALA STYLE) Red coconut chutney (kerala type ) is one of the spicy chutney varieties and kerala type chutney, It will well go with hot Idly and hot Dosai, It does have so many variations of with/without ginger , adding red chilly powder instead of red chilly. […]