Baby Corn Manchurian (dry version)

baby corn manchurian

If you like it share it    Baby corn Manchurian Dry version with Step by step photos and explanation : Baby corn Manchurian Dry version is a indo chineese starters which is our family favorite. Next to Gobi manchurian we either order mushroom fry or baby corn manchurian . When i made schezwan noodles, i decided to […]

Broccoli Cheese Sandwich

Broccoli cheese sandwich

If you like it share it    BROCCOLI CHEESE SANDWICH – KIDS SPECIAL Broccoli cheese sandwich is one of the easiest sandwich recipe, and also its healthiest way of taking  bread subject to that if you minus Cheese.Its very apt  for breakfast as well as snacks for kids especially if they are coming out from their schools […]

pacha manga chammanthi recipe | Raw Mango Chutney

Pachamanga chammanthi

If you like it share it     Pacha Manga Chammanthi  is a kerala recipe, prepared using Pacha manga ( raw mango) , which is a great accompaniments for the rice and few tiffin varieties. I have already share the Raw mango chutney version which is typical south indian dish, my amma version. When the season comes […]

Cucumber Lime Juice | Healthy Juice

Cucumber Lime Juice

If you like it share it      Cucumber Lime Juice is a recent one which i started including in my daily diet,  When i was looking for healthy summer juice,  i got this recipe in pinterest. This recipe is ideal for sport activity person, who does not want to get dehydration. It also helps your body […]

Chettinad Urulai Roast | Baby potato roast

baby potato

If you like it share it     Chettinad urulai roast is prepared using the baby potatoes and freshly grounded spices, along with few other spice ingredients. This chettinad uruali roast has become family favourite, as it has balanced spice and taste, and then its baby potato !. Its been long i bought baby potatoes. even though i cook […]

Home Made Sambar Powder (Brahmin Style)

Home made sambhar powder

If you like it share it      Home Made Sambar powder ( Brahmin style) – learn how to prepare and store at home. Before proceed read my notes and suggestion section which helps in getting an idea.   Home made sambar powder is a south indian powder,  most of the family has got their own way […]

Side Dish for Idli| dosa – South Indian Tiffin Side dish

vada curry5

If you like it share it     Side Dish for Idli| dosa – Breakfast Side dish recipes   I have complied the chutney and Sambhar recipes in this post, click every image to get through the post. Every recipes is unique in there own way. Time also varies for Each recipes, Every recipes has step by step photos […]

Mango Shrikhand Recipe | Amrakhand recipe

Mango Shrikhand

If you like it share it      Mango Shrikhand is a delectable dessert , which can be easily made at home. This Easy Mango Shrikhand can be made in jiffy if you have all the ingredients in hand (which excludes the preparing time of hung curd)  . I made this Mango shrikhand last month itself, when […]

White Pumpkin Juice | Vellai Poosanikai Juice

White pumpkin juice

If you like it share it     white Pumpkin Juice / Vellai poosanikai juice is healthy weight loss juice, Its not only tasty definitely very good for our health. Pumpkins are generally popular for pumpkin pie that is traditionally a part of thanksgiving meals in the United States. Pumpkins are available in different varieties and colors ranging […]

Tomato Salsa Recipe

Tomato Salsa

If you like it share it     Tomato Salsa is a Mexican type recipe which is generally used as dip for Tortilla chips, else fill it in the tacos , burrito  and serve. This easy tomato salsa recipe can be made in jiffy perfect for party and get together. Yet delicious one. Salsa is  mostly tomato based […]