Amma tell me the recipe for the uppu seedai ?
Why r u asking?
u instantly get it from A2b know?
I thought i can prepare
aiyooo.. u cannot do de.some times it burst.
no worries i will take care of it.
Enikuthan ketu iruka? {when u listened to me}
note down. make sure u are preparing the pilayar then proceed with that.
fine ….

When i ask my mother she was not sure about the outcome. she was kind of scared, But i planned perfectly and did this . This recipe is the one of the important one for Krishna jeyanthi . The below measurement will come 50 to 60 {if the size is kind of small} .and take your 1/2 an hour to 45 minutes. Kindly look my Tips notes for avoiding the bursting.hope i have given enough.



rice flour – 1 cup {i got the instant rice flour}
Urad flour – 2 tsp {home made}
salt – as required
Coconut grated – 3 tsp
asafoetida – 1 pinch

red chilly powder – just a sprinkle
jeera – 1 tsp u can replace with sesame seeds
oil – To fry
Butter or ghee  – 1 tsp optional { i did not use it }

how to make Rice flour and urad flour?
Rice flour – Take the required amt of rice . add some water and soak for 1/2 an hour and allow it to drain for 3 to 4 hours. by spreading the rice in the white cloth.
Grind it and sieve it twice and keep it in the air tight container.
Urad flour –  Take the required amt of urad dal and fry it in the kadai without pouring the oil and once the color starts changes keep off the flame and grind it and keep it in the air tight container.

since i used the instant rice i sieve the flour twice. Some people advised me to fry for a minute. which i didnt not. That doesnot have a impact on color or taste. so avoided that step . if u want it you can fry and sieve twice.

Take a bowl add the rice flour, urad flour, asafoetida ,grated coconut , jeera and required amt of salt. heat the kadai with the enough oil to fry and make sure the flame in low. now add some water in the bowl and start making the dough. now take a 2 tsp of oil from kadai it must be warm add in the mixture. TIP 1

Very important step in this seedai and make a cone shape{ice cream cone}. this is we call it as pillayar any oil items we prepare in my family most of the them do this as a first step and keep in the corner of the gas. Def this will help not to burst 😛 if u are not that believer u can leave this step too.  tip 2. 

Start making small ball shape. and make sure u are not making the perfect ball it can be semi oval or semi ball and prick the ball by using the fork or knife. this way we are giving the air space to the dough  tip 3

Now the we can feel the kadai heat . first try with one ball . in that way we can identify whether it s going to burst or not. then slowly add 2 to 3 . then add some 7 to 8 . enough.every batch do not over load it  tip 4
 deep fry it till it changes to semi brown.

transfer the seedai to the tissue paper to absorb the oil and keep it in the air tight container for further use.


  • Make sure u are not sweat. you sweating may drop in the dough or ball it may cause bursting – TIP 5
  • Before u proceed the seedai please put the exhaust fan. – TIP6
  • Make sure u are not keep the dough for long time 
  • do it then and there.
  • Do not over heat the oil they may lead seedai to get typical brown color.if needed then and there make it high.


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