How to make Butter? | Home Made Butter

I have seen amma preparing butter at home :) me the lazy bug always catch the butter @ department stores. Being a blogger wanted to try this butter at home ! But the difficulties are we get only 1/2 litre milk per day for our coffee and curd :) we are two :) i cannot expect much !
My friend use to take butter from the Milk :)told her that i wanted to take photography of taking butter ! she smiles and says any time !—– thanks priya :)

Also i inspired this post from here – bharathy from spicy chilly 

so took my camera and went to her home later i realized i didnt take my props ! never mind ! we can use any cloth :) asked her shawl ! she was asking for what? i told her :) and then i realized that she may think me as Cranky !Its oke some times i am !!!!!

{managed with her daughter toys -}

Milk malai or curd malai – 2 cups
water – 1 cup or 3/4 cup 

collect the malai from the milk or curd every day and keep it in the freezer .till the box fills. Every day when u add the malai from milk do add a tsp of curd. so that it wont sour the day u prepare the butter. once the box filled, one day prior take away from fridge and allow it to come to the normal temperature. transfer it to the mixie.{make sure u are using the large jar}

you can find the pulse option in the mixie or reverse option .use that option and do grind for 2 seconds  and add the water and grind it for 2 minutes by giving enough interval .

you can find the butter starts coming up little ….now transfer the mixture to the vessel, use the laddle see the picture below .

do the twist front and back . in tamil its called mathu ! you can see the butter comes.. do till you can the butter milk and butter get it separated. collect it separately

Transfer the butter to the normal water ! rest of the water can be used as butter milk.

wash the butter twice. keep aside for 5 to 6 hours {in the water }

and store in the airtight container. use it for snacks and baking {this reminds me i yet to start my baking }


  • adding curd to malai every day wll prevent sour taste in the butter.make sure u add only a tsp 
  • you can add the curd maalai !
  • twist it properly so that you can collect maximum butter. 
  • Rest of the water can be use as butter milk. 
  • Make sure u keep the cream in the freezer box thats very important. !
  • before u get the butter make sure u de-freeze the cream !
  • use large vessel for storing as well as churning ! 
  • Do beat the malai until u get all butter 
  • adjust water according to your malai !


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